Reading Specialist

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"There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book." Marcel Proust

My journey in life is the constant pursuit of new favorite books. I love books that bring value to the normal things of life. This makes me feel that even I might have a story that's worth writing. One of my hobbies is listening, and writing the stories of my family. I hope to encourage a culture that embraces the diversity of our Asbury learning community and celebrates the stories of each unique family.

One of my new favorites, "Mockingbird" is a book about an elementary age girl dealing with "everyday" life challenges as well as a heart-breaking loss. My hope is that all students at Asbury will find their own favorite books and that each child will tap into that indescribable adventure that can only be found in the pages of an awesome book. I believe my calling is to help students find themselves in the stories they read and see the priceless value in the stories of their own lives.

Mrs. Melissa Twisdale

Reading Specialist

Asbury Elementary, Home of the Foxes