Student Activities

Student Government
Students in grades 3-5 are eligible to run for Student Council Association (SCA) offices and room representative positions. The SCA holds its election for officers in September. The SCA plans special activities and projects for the students and school. It promotes good citizenship and cooperates with the teachers and the community.

Officer Friendly
Students in Grades K-3 have an opportunity to work with a Hampton City Police Officer and learn information that will help them live more safely. A variety of topics and much valuable information are provided to the students.


Grade 5 students may participate in chorus. The group meets once a week and participates in several special programs during the year.

Peer Mediators
Peer mediators are a select group of fifth grade students trained to help students solve conflicts. Students are chosen based on their positive attitude, leadership ability, and academic success. Mediators are selected and trained in peace making and conflict-resolution skills.


Asbury Ambassadors
This is a program in which fifth grade students are chosen to welcome new students to Asbury. Ambassadors are trained to give new students a school tour as well as to help them get comfortable with their new school. Their classroom teacher nominates students in the beginning of the year based on characteristics such as responsibility and attitude.

Battle of the Books Team
The Battle of the Books is a reading activity sponsored by the Williamsburg Public Library. At the elementary level, it is open to 4th and 5th graders who are willing to read fifteen books, and are fast at recalling facts about what they have read. Our neighborhood sponsor is the Willow Oaks Library. Here at Asbury, all 4th and 5th grade students will be introduced to the program in November and given the Battle Book List. Any student may read the books. Some can be found in our Asbury library, and all copies can be found behind the circulation desk at the Willow Oaks Library.

If your child is interested, he/she may begin reading any time. Mrs. Dianne Congrove (Reading Speacialist) will hold meetings for all students in November and December. Students must be reading many books, keeping notes on each title, and writing and bringing questions on different titles each week. Top readers will be invited to continue.

Practices at the Willow Oaks Library will begin in February and will be required to be a part of the team. It will prepare the student for the game format and give them practice on the buzzers. Asbury will also hold a school competition to determine the four members and one alternate that will represent Asbury in the March Battle.