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Ms. Bernal, Ms. Gallagher, Ms Deutsch

Welcome to kindergarten! We will do lots of fun stuff in school this year.  We love kindergarten and we think you will too!  We are looking forward to an exciting year full of fun and lots of learning.

1st quarter skills


Language Arts    

-Identify rhyming words

-predicting what will happen in stories

-ask and answer questions

-identifying letters and their sounds

-recall and retell events in stories

-handwriting your name

-begin learning correct handwriting of letters

-identify naming words (nouns)

-identify action words (verbs)

-work on oral communication skills- speaking in complete sentences, asking and answering questions, show & tell


-nonstandard units are used to measure the length, mass, and volume of common objects

-observations and predictions are made for an unseen member in a sequence of objects

-objects are described

-objects are sequenced by size

-basic properties of objects are identified by observation

-describe our world using colors, shapes, textures, sizes, weights, and speed

-Making weather observations

-recognize natural and human made things may change over time and those changes can be observed and measured


Counting 0-10 items orally and select the corresponding numerals

-Identify and describe two sets of 10 or fewer objects using one-to-one correspondence (more, fewer, same)

-Write the numerals 0-10

-Count forward to 25

-Recognize and describe the properties and characteristics of a penny.

-Identify, describe, and trace plane geometric figures

-Sort and classify objects according to attributes

-Identify, describe, and extend repeating patterns

-Display objects and information using object graphs, pictorial graphs, and tables

-Compare objects or events using direct comparisons (length, height, weight, and temperature

Social Studies:

-Good Citizenship

-Pledge of Allegiance

-Life in the past and present, changes over time

-Using positional words

-Using map and globe

-Community helpers, matching simple descriptions of work