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Fourth Grade

Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Melvin

The fourth grade team is looking forward to a wonderful school year for all students!  The first nine weeks brings many engaging topics to discuss.

            Our language arts curriculum this nine weeks will cover a variety of different skills.  We will focus on spelling words with short vowels, long vowels and initial blends.  We will also look at several different prefixes.  Our comprehension skills will include ask and answer questions, author’s purpose, character, summarizing and fact and opinion.  Students will also write several paragraphs throughout the quarter.

            In math, students will spend some time reviewing basic multiplication and division facts from 3rd grade.  Students will see these in more complicated problems throughout the school year, so it is important that time is spent memorizing the basic facts.  Later in the quarter, we will work on multiplying and estimating products of larger numbers.  We will also work on graphing, place value, rounding and comparing numbers.

            The fourth grade social studies focuses on Virginia history throughout the school year.  We will begin the year in social studies with a focus on the geography of Virginia.  Students will recognize and identify Virginia’s bordering states and important water features.  We will also learn about the 5 regions of Virginia and the products and industries of each region.  The students will complete an interesting brochure on the 5 regions near the end of the quarter.

            Fourth grade science for this first quarter will focus on the scientific method and learning the steps involved in scientific investigation.  We will do several experiments and labs in the classroom using these steps.  Students will test their powers of observation and making inferences based upon those observations.  We will also study the weather, including weather phenomena, measuring instruments and meteorological tools, and using those tools to make weather predictions.  There will be a project due near the end of the nine weeks on creating a weather instrument and taking daily measurements at home.

            We are looking forward to a fantastic year of learning!